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    gp1200r head and 2 cylinders

    i was cleaning out the basement and came aross some parts that i have no use for.. these parts are from a motor that had a seized piston in one cylinder which is why theres only 2 jugs.. the cylinders are fine with no scrapes or anything that will catch a nail.. the head is fine on 2 of the cylinders but the one has alot of dings were somthing was boucing around.. all i have is a tape measure so thats about the best measurements i will be able to give on the bore of the jugs.. $100

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    pm returned, and email sent

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    Dibs..... Ill take those cylinders and head if you still have them.

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    sale pending on the jugs, ill go next in line if they fall through

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    jugs sold make offer on head

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