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    03 fx140 starts by itself!!!!

    hey fellas i'm having a little bit of an electrical gremling here. my brother has an 03 yamaha fx140. long story short our security guard told us in the morning that the waverunner started and ran for a few minutes by itself so we thought he was crazy. obviously the battery was dead when i checked it yesterday so i jumped it. so as soon as i hooked up the cables to the ski's cables it started to crank without me hitting the start button. obviously the key wasn't inserted and the start button wasn't touched by anyone. i have an idea of what it could be i think... either the start/stop switch assembly or the starter relay....Now i need some help in testing out the start/stop assembly and any ideas or suggestions in general would be vastly appreciated....thanks again.

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    That sucks! I hope it didn't run long to damage engine without enough cooling!
    First time I ever heard of anything like this!

    Please do let us know what you find.

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    Yeah if it's doing that, then you want to disconnect the battery cables until you can get it sorted out; because if it starts and runs dry for more than 15 seconds things can start to get hot and you can be in danger of engine damage. Hopefully that has not already happened.

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    I've seen this happen when there's water in the electrical box, shorting out the relay.

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    You have a bad starter relay with it's contacts welded together inside it. Simple fix.

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