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    How to Clean and Remove Wax from Plastic

    Hey guys,
    When i first got my RXP in 04 I hit the sponsons and other plastic with wax. Then I realized it was impossible to get off. I have tried everything mentioned on this fourm, from armor all to back to black. Tonight I tried the Mr. Clean magic eraser... and it worked!! Took it right off after sitting on there for the past 5 years. It was incredible. The yellow plastic even looks brand new and the black looks like it came right out of the crate. Just use the magic eraser and then armor all after.

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    Wax and grease remover. it works. thats what boat guys use to degrease the boat before spraying gelcoat. it removes everything. mold release. wax ,grease. ete...

    You can buy it at a automovtive supply store.

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