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    Hi guys. Just picked up my first PWC yesterday, a Seadoo 2007 GTX with 70 hours on the clock.
    Just a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with:
    - can I charge the battery on my 12 volt charger? Its a yuasa, apparently the original one.
    - when I was pulling the battery out a breather hose that connects to the yellow outlet came loose from somewhere...does anyone know where it should be reattached?
    Cheers guys!

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    You can charge it with a normal 12v charger but id opt for a smart charger eg ctek to avoid overcharging.

    The breather would have been connected to the battery.

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    my charger vote is the Tender Jr. $25 at Battery's plus, $25ish shipped on fleabay...

    imo its one of the best chargers, i've had a couple that i've used for 3-4 years with no problems and it can be left on for periods of time.

    my favorite feature is the piece on the bottom right, gets connected to the battery, then just zip tie up the connector inside the hull and when your done riding, just plug your tender into the connector, no hassle, no fuss... no stretching down to put the clips on the battery every time , it makes it so painless there are no excuses for not having a full charge every ride.

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