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    Question 2001 GTi MPEM issue resolved, but new question about rectifier/stator

    First, thanks to all those who posted help with my issue [ HERE ]
    This issue was clearly the MPEM being smoked. Good news is that all of my negative grounds and + wire leads have been re-checked and freshened, the post and beeper were replaced, and I have a new top end ready to go.

    But... now that I got it running again, I decided to go ahead and look around for how to test the Rectifier, wondering if that was maybe the culprit for frying the MPEM. Well, as it turns out, the rectifier is only returning 12.6-12.9 volts, which that in of itself points to there being a problem. But the thing I noticed was that the voltage drops out at random... Doesn't spike, but rather drops out... goes as low as 1.5 volts, just for a split second... then right back to 12.6-12.9v... (yes - my connection to the voltage tester is solid) Has anyone seen/heard of this, and could the lack of voltage have caused the old mpem to blow up? (I know with like car speakers, you will blow them faster by under-powering them versus over-powering them, and thought the same principle might apply)

    I guess my 2nd question is that through the research I've done on rectifiers, is that the stator can be the culprit for the rectifier going bad. But should I first start with a new rectifier, ($40) and see if there's still voltage drops, then pursue the stator and then the rectifier? or the other way around? Pulling the stator sounds like a real project, as you have to pull the flywheel, etc. and I don't know if a new rectifier might solve things temporarily, but then burn up in a year (and potentially burning me new MPEM) because of a bad stator. Just don't want to have to revisit this again in a year....

    Thanks for all your help!

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    You need to check the AC volts coming off you stator. Should be between 33 to 41 volts ACT at 3500 rpm. Check them at the 3 yellow wires to the black ground wire. If the AC volts is good then it most likley is your rectifier

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