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    2001 gpr 1200 engine failure

    cylinder/piston #3 fried 1yr ago due to oil line coming loose. replaced jug/piston/rings/gaskets. knew possibility of lower end compromise but rolled dice. almost 1yr to the week, horrible knocking. upon tear down, rear cylinder definitely not as bad as before, nor was piston, with most damage on piston on top. LOTS of debris though. couple of big chunks of what appears to have been thrust washer(copper in color). One would assume lower end/crank/etc. shot. I know how you feel about sbt products. What other options do I have to get this back in working order while still maintaining a reasonable budget? Many thanks for input.

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    i think it makes better sense to pull the engine and send it to SBT or a similar builder if it is stock. If it is modified, then they will not warantee it and you may not get your aftermarket parts back. there are sites that rebuild YOUR engine. may want to go with one of them if there's some mods done.

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    no mods. stock all the way. sbt will send me somebody else's engine (rebuilt). Just haven't heard much faith by moderators concerning sbt, though. Do you know of anybody who rebuilds own engine? I had heard of Watercraft Engine Technologies, but can't find any reviews for them. Any suggestions?

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    Where are you located?

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    south florida

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