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    Big Tog On My Ski!

    The weather was perfect today so I took a half day off and went fishing. I dropped my jet ski in at Messick Boat Ramp in Poquoson Virgina around 1230 and went about 15 miles across the Lower Bay to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It was flat and glassy so I cruised comfortably at 40-45 mph. I worked a couple sets of piles around the 3rd and 4th islands before I found a good spot where they were hungry. I manged to catch over a dozen real nice Tautog with one of them going over 9 lbs for a Virginia Citation. the other three that I kept were around 5-6 lbs. All were caught on live fiddler crabs. It was fast and furious and every time I dropped I had a fish on. I had a blast! I was back at the dock by 1630hrs. I covered over thirty miles and burned around 7 gallons. Not many pictures this time because the memory card for my camera was left at home on my desk.

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    Wow. Nice fish. How are they for eating? Is that average size for a Tog?

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