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    Unhappy possible fuel pump problem

    hi guys, was wondering if anyone could help, took my 08 ultra out on the weekend, ran it for 3 hours, turned it off . sat still for 1 mintue to make a call, then it would nt start after that,would crank over nothing else, disconnected fuel line and cranked it over and next to nothing came out, do the fuel pumps on these go often ?(the ski has 80hours on it) i had 3 bars of fuel left on the gauge too

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    If your ski failed to start on water after some riding, it's more than likely you plugs are fouled by steam/water/condensation from the water box. Remove your plugs and inspect for rust/corrosion. You have 2 choices to remedy this condition if this is an on-going issue:
    > Install the 300X exh filter
    > Blip the throttle for a few times "every time" before shutting off the engine on water.

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    that was it meangreenman, i removed the plugs , gave em a clean, installed em and the ski started straight away, thanks,so i ll blip the throttle now before i turn it off..thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducky View Post
    i ll blip the throttle now before i turn it off...
    When you blip the throttle, say 4-5000 rpm, a couple times, it pushes out the water/steam in the exhaust system and there is less chance for them to back flow into the combustion chambers via open valves. And remember to do that also after riding on your trailer after flushing.... and one more time when you get home as well. But don't over-do it till the overheat buzzer beeps!

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