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    Question Coil problem - I think

    I have a 96 sltx 1050 that has been giving me problems all summer. It finally quit. I had the coil tested and the results were: Primary tests - 0.7, supposed to be 0.35 and secondary was open - supposed to be 1550 ohms. It is coil #4060153. Is there anything other than a bad coil that woud cause this? The cdi and stator have been updated.
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    If the secondary was tested directly at the coil (not through the plug wires and ground circuits)-than yes, it needs a new coil.
    All 3 cylinders do share the black wire-maybe double check that wire is not damaged between the connecter and coil-otherwise it's serviced as a coil assembly.

    Unfortunatly it looks like Polaris isn't selling any of the 3 cyl domestic coils,they sold for around $150 new.

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