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    2003 F12X cutting out at max speed

    My friend has an 03 F12X (on about 120 hrs) and it has developed a problem where it cuts out when it hits maximum speed. This is a persistant issue.
    It seems to pick up from idle just fine (only a little slower than my R12X), the mid-range is fine, temperature runs normal and there are no error codes other than f1 (or is it FI?)
    Stock ski, other than modified intake grate, and Solas impeller
    You guys got any ideas?

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    Check this out.

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    aquatrax code check.pdf (643.2 KB, 461 views)

    Page 4 in the FAQ section. Thread named F1 Code.

    Possible knock sensor or waste gate seleniod. Make sure using 91+ octane.

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    Thanks. knock sensor already done, so we'll do the solenoid.
    UK fuel is 95-99 octane anyway, so no worries there.

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    Can the solenoids be sourced in the US?
    Can't get hold of one in the UK

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    It was a damaged wastegate. New parts on the way from USA

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    what do u mean by damaged. what was wrong with it? cause im having a similar problem. was the diapram bad? i can moved my linkage, so i thought mine was fine.

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