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    X45 Bing Carb conversion

    Just purchased an 99 X45. What would be involved in converting to Keihin carbs? Would a set off a 96 SLTX work? What if any jetting changes would need to be done?

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    You need a set of 40mm Keihins off a 1200. The '96 SLTX would be a 1050. I'd look for a set from a Virage TX as it is pretty much identical to the X45 and the jetting should be pretty damn close.

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    sounds like i need to round up some parts. im trying to decide if i should change the exhaust also of if would need to. my experience so far with other polaris on the fuel and exhaust system has been to stay stock....seems to be less issues such as running lean etc.

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    the x-45 motor itself is a 1200 just like the 2000 up 1200's.get parts from those skis to swap carbs and exhaust except the genesis it has a different set of keihins

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    Did you ever do the carb swap? I'm about to dig into it. Curious how much of a pain it is or if it's easy?

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