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    Honda Aquatrax Air Filter

    Hey there folks!

    Well, I finally signed up... i have learned a ton from reading everyones posts. My ski has been nothing short of awesome this past summer. I GPS'ed it at 60 mph.... 6 mph off (less) the dreamometer! HA

    R12X!!!! Love the turbo!

    So I just brought it in for the winter and the only thing I cant find is a non OEM air filter. I have K&Ns for everything else and though I would go that way... I see a couple people say they have K&N's on their machine but never see a part number, or is it a kit?

    Anyways would love to see what my options are because its brutal getting parts in Canada because the ski wasnt never sold new here so dealers struggle to find any parts.

    I have gone with the K&N 204 oil filter and Amsoil 10 40 on everyone's recommendations.

    Just gotta read up on the flushing and warm up procedure a bit more before I drain the oil


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    You can always scab up a K&N on there if that is what you prefer. H2O Extreme makes some fancy intake for the Honda's.

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    What is the model of the K&N Filter? I went on their site and it only showed Oil filters... If there's no K&N, any that are recommended ?? Thank you!
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    You can always scab up a K&N on there if that is what you prefer. H2O Extreme makes some fancy intake for the Honda's.

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