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    Sponson question

    Hi folks

    Have a question about sponsons, which while I realise may be obvious, having never had to touch them before, has me confused.

    Bought a new 15F and just got past the first 5 hours, and can now see what it can do.

    Worked out a few things myself...
    It goes like a bat out of hell in a straight like....somewhat obvious

    However, when cornering at times, wallows like a pig
    It also gets wet...very wet. Nose down a lot, even with the front empty.

    Now, my prev experience is with a Polaris MSX140 which, while having issues (ie. it was made by polaris) it had a great hull, handled rough water without drowning me every wave, and turned on a dime with the stock sponsons.

    What I simply want is to do the following:
    Turn faster in the surf to beat a wave to jump, in the surf zone
    Reduce the nose diving and front porpoising over waves and chop
    Generally turn harder when freestyling.
    Finally, be less knocked around by the chop when going in a straight line.

    I'm not racing, so doesnt have to be insane turning, but anything thats a big improvement would help.

    Question is, would new sponsons achieve the above?
    Are some better than others for the above? Or do some do some things, and not others?
    And what should be available here (in Australia) at a reasonable price? ( can't seem to find Beach House here, as an example)

    Don't really need super performace, but just manouverability and to keep bloody dry!, while flopping around less than a dying fish

    Appreciate the advice

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    Oh, and don't want to drill, cut or weld anything to install them, too

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    R&D sponsons and a rideplate, either shredmaster or R&D.


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