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    so i found on craiglist, set of 2 wavejammers (1 for parts) for $200 (it said make offer, i offered 200, they said ok). One supposedly ran two years ago when they put it away but hasn't been started since. I asked for pictures, but i'm wondering what these things sell for used in good condition. I wouldn't mind spending 200 but i don't want to dump a lot of money into it, i'm already doing a rebuild on a polaris, but wouldn't mind a second sporty ski for my wife to play on..... any thoughts on this deal?

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    they really are not worth anything.

    they were way under powered, known for blowing the rear exh manifold gasket, that requires engine removal to fix, had a horrible pump / prop combo, etc.

    not to sound like a "hater" but i wouldn't take one for free, even "IF" it ran.

    save your money, and get your wife something she will enjoy, and you can actually get parts for, etc.

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    nuff said

    do any of the old yammies have good reliability?

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    A jammer is the semi stand up version of the WR... Has the same engine ,pump and parts go there prob has been more wr's and wjs' built than any other yami ski's other than the gpr.. E-Bay's your friend all day long.... it is a simple rebuild and the rear gasket issue is fixed prermanently by using the latest metal redesign by yami.. pump is generally fixed by some 'love' paid to the impeller and hub assembly along with proper shimming to close its gap.. it is not an easy ski to mount , so be warned as much.. as to reliability of this ski, its a no brainer.. 1 carb , two cylinders, no electronics other than ignition...its a 3o hp , 30 mph ski that would be fun once you get the hang of it..I'm partial to the 500 for simplicity and relability along with altra cheap to run and maintain, but ultimately the 650 in the WR or LX hull is best bang for the buck, if your looking for a cheaper EARLY fixer upper..

    if it were me and mine , a GP760 is what I'd get for her as its fast enough, simple enough to own and modify..just go premix and get a good battery that is you can see by my signiture they are what I own..

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    I'd say it's a poor man's ski... I'd rather my wife be on something a little nicer...

    Cheap to own and operate, but... she has to be light (under 150 lbs) and like to get the snot beat out of her if it's choppy and like to spin rather than turn.

    The best ski I've had was a early 90's Seadoo GTS with a 580, that thing was a beast.

    I'd keep looking if it were me.

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    i am definately looking for a poor mans ski, but my wife is new to skis and so i am (i rode many rears ago only a few times) but i've been rebuilding a polaris 780 slt, and thinking/looking for a cheap/easy/reliable ski for her (it won't get used as much so i don't want to dump loads into it like my current project)

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