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    Tigershark Pump Modification

    I have a 1996 tigershark Monte Carlo and was wondering if anyone has put a zerk in their cap and filled it with marine grease. I was thinking of doing this to mine as I lost a pump last year from bearing failure and was wondering if this could cause any problems. I know the bearings are sealed but I cant think of what a little marine grease in there could hurt.

    I have read where some people put 2 oz. gear lube in the cap but I cant fathom how they put the cap back on without it all spilling out.

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    Doing a 1100 build now,just pulled the pump apart to rebuild it a few days ago,The bearings are sealed.i cant see a situation where grease or oil would make a difference.If a sealed bearing fails no grease or oil is going to help.I would imagine they pull the pump and then put the cone on by holding it upright,then reinstall the pump.

    Again though i cant see the point to doing it.Kawasaki pump's look very much the same as my 1100 R pump been working on kawasaki's for a long time,cant recall anyone doing to a kawi pump.

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    If you lost a pump due to bearing failure that was caused by water intrusion, then a zerk wont help at all. It is just a little more grease for the water to push out before washing out the bearings. It's actually a good idea to pull the pump every 2 seasons and check the integrity of the front seal.

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    I ended up drilling and tapping a hole in the top of the cap and filled it with 75-90 synthetic and a plug like my seadoo GTX Limited. There was about an ounce of water in the cap. I think every year I will pull the cap and change the fluid. I would guess that if a little lube snuck into the bearings it could only make them last longer?

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    zerk fittings are like one-way valves. When hot and expanding, no issue. When chilled off, say... by putting in a cold lake, the cavity inside will draw a vacuum, and any moist air or water that is around. Most are waterproof, but not exactly rust-proof either.

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