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    How to remove water from engine compartment

    I just notice that there is remaining water from the last engine clenup, how you guys take the water completly out, do i need to buy a hull water pump? Seems tilting the jet ski was not enough. Or leaving it out without the seat for a full day didnt work either, i will leave it at the sun for a few hours tomorrow. But will probably need to put some towels in there, deep down between the motor and the hull next to the impeller.


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    Shop vac or open the plugs and tilt all the way up. I use the shop vac and towels then air dry!

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    +1 on the shop vac

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    +2 on shop vac, then if you want to really dry it, pat it with a few paper towels. but shop vac is the way to go.

    if you don't feel like dropping $60 on one... look on CL, i found mine for $10 about 5 miles from my house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSRXP View Post
    +1 on finding it on CraigsList. Usually good finds on there.
    actually plus 2 on that... i found mine for $10 and my mechanic buddy had one that he swapped back and forth between the b-blaster (dry) and sucking up gunk (wet) so i found him one too for $15, so he doesn't have to keep taking the filter out and stuff... well worth it !

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