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    GP/XL1200 Wiring Question

    Dropped motor back '98 XL1200. Have two green wires with female connectors that had to unplug to remove motor. Noticed I have two male connectors, one light green with white stripe and one green with what looks like a black dab of paint on it. Not that great at reading wiring diagram in service manual.
    Can anyone help me out?


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    I remember looking into those wires when I put my GP back together and I think I determined they were interchangeable.

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    That's what I would think as there really is no way to trace the two greens back to the stator.
    Don't really want to fry anything based on my inexperienced assumption either!

    Looks like the wires go from "lighting coil" to "rectifier regulator". Odd that 2 cylinders don't have green with white stripe to distinguish coming from regulator while the 3 cylinders do.

    Looks interchangeable to me.

    I'll post if the ski blows up or catches fire.

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