I made another trip to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel this morning. I dropped at Crab Creek Boat Ramp at Lynhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach around 0630. It was very sloppy and only got worse as the day progressed, by the time I headed back it was SW at 25 with some good 4-5 footers.
I stayed tucked behind the 2nd island out of the wind and waves, same spot for 6 hours catching over 20 Tautog using live fiddlers for bait.Only one oyster toad. It was probably 1 fish every 15 minutes, slow but steady action. I kept 4 nice fish. There were a lot of boats out today, it was UN-seasonably warm, almost 70 degrees. I was going to do some Striper fishing also but decided to go in around 1300 after it got snotty out. I burned 3 gallons today. Had a great time! Here are some pictures I took this weekend.