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    VE 920 monoblock no RAVE's?? Which VE should I run? phots inside (what specs)

    Which VE block should I run on my 96 xp carbon fiber all out top speed boat? How far can a VE block be bored what mm? I am just going to run a stock crank so it would be a 920. I don't have any crankcase spacers. I do have a set of matching ported cases ready to go. I am going to run the VE head on 93 octane. What should squich be? same as a 787? What should piston to cylinder clearence be? .005 to .006? Pipe is a ported and polished spec 2. Carbs are going to be Novi 46mm maxiflows.

    Hey guys I have a heavily ported / polished VE mono block at I think 89.75mm almost 90. Not sure how much more it can be bored but a rod broke and hit the bottom of the sleeve you can see it has a dent it. I can probably smooth it out and will be fine. Photos are below. It is not a miller one. But the castings on these 2 blocks are different you can tell in the ports. Also this one has weleded in support pieces on each side of the casting at the top of the sleeves for support I guess, the other one does not.

    Here is the next VE block, never ported or played with. It does not have rave ports and never did. Is this normal? Any benefits? Rave's are for low end right? This one is at 88.5 mm.

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