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    Carb Questions with PICS!!!

    To start off i have a stock 1997 Wave venture 760 that I converted to premix 40:1

    I was going to set the low speed to 2 turns and the high to 3/4 of a turn....

    Question is what do i turn for each one??? And is one of the carbs missing the adjustment screw??
    Also what carbs are these? So if i did need to order a part or eventully a rebuild kit I know what to order for.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Well, The top picture shows the high speed adjuster on the upper right of in the carb closest to you, the second carb I cannot see it, looks like it is missing. What is down the hole?
    The second pic shows the low speed adjuster towards the bottom left of the carb. You turn the screw in gently till it stops, then back it out 3/4 turn or whatever your spec is.
    They look like original 44 Mikuni's, but with some homemade patches over the choke plate minimun air holes. I would wonder how that blob would effect airflow, and/or come off, ruining your engine.

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    I have no idea what's in the hole with the screw missing ... I'll look tomorrow and try and take a pic.
    I'll also try and chip that stuff off the plate, I didn't know if that's how it came or not.

    Also... Thank you so much for taking the time to respond

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    looks like carbs could use some exterior cleaning. Could put some rags underneath and use spray carb cleaner or brake cleaner.

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