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    EMM needed for my 2001 Polaris TXI DI Triple

    I need an EMM for my 01 Polaris triple 1200 with electronic reverse. I got this as a project, and was duped, as the EMM was missing after I already got it, and rebuilt the engine. I have way too much into it to part it out now. I also need a crankshaft position sensor. Anyone out there got one they want to sell. Will pay a fair price - have Pay-Pal, or can make other arrangements.

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    You can't just replace the is married to the injectors. You must get all three injectors with the new emm (and keep them in the proper order.)

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    Or I think you could get 3 NEW injectors and send them and the EMM off to DFI and they can map the injectors to the EMM. if you go that route the injectors must be new because they contain a disk for mapping them to the EMM.

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