Me and a few other local riders in Constanta, Romania have been thinking about organizing a race . We usually gather and race each other since we kind of know each other , it`s been about the same gang for 6-7 years.
We can get some help and media display from the local authorities but we`re pretty much on our own from an administration point of view.
The city has hosted a few Grand Prix boat races before so it`s not completely remote lol .
Here`s a vid : .
There are 3 main areas where you can ride : - the Siutghiol lake
-the Black sea coast (offshore? )
-the Danube Delta

The last choice would be a little more problematic since it`s big , kind of remote and potentially dangerous.

We get a lot of visitors with pwc that come from as far as Austria and Germany and we have a great time but we haven`t taken things very seriously.

What do you guys think ? Would there be any interest for the 2012 season ?