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    steering play

    I have 17hrs on mine and the steering is starting to get alot of play in it, side to side and up and down. I have ck the cable at the pump housing and its tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlewis View Post
    Yes it it in the handle bars.
    OK, now that you found your issue, take some pics and show the rest of us what happened.

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    Anybody else think there is too much play in the steering? (left to right, in the steering -- not handlebars). My brand new 250 just seems to have a little slop.

    My RXT doesn't have any play. Anyone else notice this on their 250? The dealer says that is how it's supposed to be. I don't like it.

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    Theres a way to tighten it down some. Use this data for info. Its the large washer bolt I believe.

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    Yes I agree there is a very small amount of play from steering to nozzle but its not a problem for me. Ive gotten use to it, its probably more prominent when you switch between diffrent crafts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blownhotrodder View Post
    Yes I agree there is a very small amount of play from steering to nozzle but its not a problem for me. Ive gotten use to it, its probably more prominent when you switch between diffrent crafts.
    I had that same problem too.... after dismantling it my brother and I noticed that there was a plate inside with a square like hole where the stem of the handle bars goes thru the square hole was not drilled properly thats where the play comes from. we tried tightening the big bolts but it only stiffened the steering we had too loosen it up a bit. i thought at first it was the bearing of the steering. but after careful inspection i think its nothing to be worried about.
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    Questions about the Ultra

    My wife and I are thinking about getting two Ultras. We have only been SeaDoo owners and the process of changing over has been slow, lol.

    One thing I'm have had to get used to is the paint job on the Kawi Ultra. It's composite but it has an overall paint skin on it, right? I was at a dealer today on my lunch break and the blue floor model they had there had a couple of scratches and showing white. What are the pros and cons to gelcoat vs. painted composite?

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    Steering slop 300X

    Picked up the wife's Ultra the other day... I need to address the play in the adjustable steering- it's pretty sloppy! Anyone fix this while retaining the stock steering system? If so... what did it entail? Thanx, Vic

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    Hey Vic!, when we went to the AC boat show, all of us commented on this very same issue, kawi did not address the sloppy steering.
    It is in the mechanism/tilt assy. All the the Ultras around here have that slop...
    DrewNJ converted to the 15F steering neck and aftermarket bars, came out NICE!,

    good luck with the new ski`s!...

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    If you compain about it enough, your kawi tech can take it apart and get it a little tighter, but it will always be sloppy. Haven't ridden one so far that wasn't. You'll get used to it.

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