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    ATV chain question on 660 raptor

    Ok so this site has spoiled me for easy of access to all technical info to pretty much any question ive ever had as to my RXP and its great member support on all topics that come up.

    Cant say the same for many other forums, so I ask here. I need to get a new chain for a ATV i just got stock gear and chain setup is 14f 40r 520x92. Im looking to get a 12f, but not sure what size chain to get or what kinda. O-, X-, standard? Also what is a good brand and place to purchase them at?

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    I have been out of it for so long I used DID and rkm chains. To bad you didn't live closer because I have a chain breaker for 520 chain. That way you get the longer one and break off the links you don't need. Do you have a extended swing arm or stock. The 12 tooth front sprocket will be harder on the chain and also burn threw the chain guide faster too. 13- 43 would be better. But I don't known anything about raptor gearing. Get o ring chain for sure. Sorry I dint help.

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    check with 97GPSLEEPER

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