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    Talking STX1400R

    has anyone done this before? im runnning factory triple pipes and novi 48's magnum pump etc etc. my mechanic can get it to 1380cc but wondering if anyone has seen or heard of this before? if its goin to be worth the cost? wat are ur thoughts? cheers

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    i guess the big question is what is your ultimate goal with it. and then decide if its gonna get your goal and is the time and money worth it

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    The biggest I think you can go is about 1350 cc. That what i have, any bigger and cylinder walls will be getting thin. Head sealing issus too. I,m not running pipes but the ski hits far harder than stock.
    go to Group K's website, they have info on it.

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    Yea its gonna get stroked as well. wat pistons are u using? I was gonna run modified yamaha pistons

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    Not sure what pistons they were, they are what Group K provided. They did my cylinders and provided the pistons.

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