Several weeks ago I posted a thread about this. I've since removed the pump housing by welding a socket on to the back of the housing shaft and using an impact wrench, with a wrench on the front of the driveshaft, unscrewed the pump shaft from the impeller. So, now i'm looking at the impeller on the drivesaft and still can't get it to come off. I've put pb blaster in the back, used a mapp torch to heat the piss out of it, and tried to press it out by screwing the pump shaft in the impeller with a small nut in between the driveshaft and pump shaft. Damned thing wont budge.

The wear ring had corrosion and raised areas where the impeller was contacting the ring. It's been a salt water ski, but I've flushed it religiously.

So, I'm thinking about just puting a new pump housing on it and calling it done until something worse happens (like pillow block bearing failure). I think I can thread the pump shaft on tight enough to run it, and it won't come off. At that point I will remove the engine and cut the driveshaft with my grinder.

Anyone have any other ideas?