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    Overlay gauges over your videos in real time.

    For all you computer tech savvy members out there. check this out. if you use both of these programs you can overlay your video with real time gauges. I'm no expert on downloading and editing software but it looks really cool. watch some of the vids and check it out.

    If any of you can figure it all out and make it sensible to the the rest of us, that would be cool of ya..

    The 1 program is free and the other is only good for 30 day trial. but it can be bought too.

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    Looks like you need some sort of data logger connected to the vehicles computer to gather the information then time align it with the video. Or, just have a camera fixed on your MFD and a helmet cam then use a video editing software to overlay...... Just need two waterproof cameras, that's all!

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