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    Not certain the Check Valve to rear rear balancer is working (Ultra150)

    Quick question. I have done a search and came up with nothing at all. It took me 2 tanks of premix after my new oil line install to completely get the bubbles out of my oil lines. I used a syringe but there were still small bubbles in the lines. They are now gone with the exception of a small bubble in the oil line to the rear balancer. This small bubble has been there from the start and i'm not noticing it moving. I want to make sure the rear cavity is getting sufficient oil but the bubble make me think it;s not flowing. Is there a way to test the rear check valve to make certain it's taking in oil?

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    Keep in mind that the flow rate is very low. If the bubble is small, and there's a high spot in the hose, it may never move. The oil will simply go around the bubble. That doesn't necessarily mean that you're not getting oil to the balancer.

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    Sweet!! yeah its a high point of the hose and I'm sure it was working prior to the line change. Thanks for the info.

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