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    New to jet ski

    I can pick up a 1999 sea doo jtx for 500.00 With a bad motor. How hard are these to remove the engine? Any special tools required? How much to buy a rebuilt motor? I am an old hotrodder that has rebuilt many of engines in my day and I feel a 2 stroke should be easy, but... what am I getting myself into? thanks in advance,bob

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    did u mean gtx ? is it a 951 cc ?

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    Ive never touched a jet ski before and my first build was a 951cc engine and it was not that hard.

    Open it up, clean it, take it ALL apart, clean some more and diagnose what the problem is. If price for part(s) are < then a used engine, then replace or fix. Else, buy used engine. Also check fuel lines, carbs and pump and rebuild/replace parts needed.

    Used engines go for $600? (what I bought mine for) to maybe $800? minus what you can sell your old engine for. Then again, it costs $1000 roughly for a 1 year warranty complete rebuild

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