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    Getting a title?

    Just put together a JS550 out of parts. Any idea on how to make it legal in Pa,Del,or Md? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    every state has different laws. here in WI, we do not have titles on any boat smaller than 16ft. they go by the registration.

    check with who ever handles the registration for watercraft in your state. DNR, DMV, etc and ask them what you need for a lost or no title. again, here in WI we only need a bill of sale. i know IL is MUCH more strict. hopefully your state is easy.

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    In Calif, a homemade, aka "special construction", vehicle must be inspected by CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer at one of their offices. After passing the inspection, CHP will issue a VIN or HIN for watercraft right there. They will rivet a metal strip VIN/HIN tag on your vehicle. Then, take signed document to DMV to get it registered just like any other vehicles.

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    if the ski has the reg numbers, there are ways to get in touch with the last registered owner. If not, its going to be very difficult. You might want to find an empty hull with a title. there are people on here parting skis everyday, someone close to you may have a hull with paperwork. I would look here and pwct.

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    When I purchased my jet ski in Kansas City, Missouri, the dealership did it all for me. I think, though, that contacting your local Parks & Rec department will help you get started on the right path...they would know about the laws for your particular area and should help you get the contact information for where you need to go to be legit. Good luck and happy riding!

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