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    97 gp1200 lacking fuel at top end?!? help!!

    ok so after i finally put a new starter in and she runs again im getting tops speed of 56gps. which is awesome but i know theres more and thats with the stock ride plate... so at about 7/8 throttle it runs like a raped ape and arround 30mph with a wot push it has mad torque. but if i keep it wide open it slows down and sputters until i back off to 7/8 again. ive already cleaned the carbs out since and problem persists. common sense tells me to check lines, filter, and pickup.. if theres any suggestions on what else i can do to fix this before i start tearing the fuel system apart let me know please ... also the engine is all stock as far as i know.

    one more thing.. what is a good trailer idle, and in water idle?

    thanks guys,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    In water idle should be 1200 to 1300 rpm.
    Sounds like your leaning out at the top end. Be careful, thats how you seize a piston. Definitely check for fuel restrictions in the lines and filters. Also, what are your high speed screws set at. You could try to richen those up a bit.

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    Question ????

    Hey there K...

    Reading this thread I'm Not convinced you're lean on the top end..??

    I have a feeling you might be too fat on the high speed circuit.??
    If possible it might be time to do some plug chops..??

    Would also be checking my compression if this were my ski.?

    As Cutlass said,. somewhere in 1200-1300 range in the water is ok..
    Though as little as 1100 rpm, if you trolling at around 3mph would be ok also
    Out the water the idle could be anything up to 2000rpm++


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