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    Help deciding on a stand up jet ski, is the Superjet good for a new rider?

    I have just moved to the west coast of Florida in Sarasota and now that I live near the water I would like to get a stand up jet ski. I don't know much if anything about ski's and was looking for some recommendations as to what I should look for. After reading through the few threads I could find about the different ski's I think my best bet is to get a superjet since they are inexpensive and parts are abundant. Also it sound like these are the best handling and easier to learn how to ride.

    But I am not sure what I should be looking for and what kind of price range I should be looking at. Also how hard are these to work on? Is there a good site for how to's to replace typical failed parts? I looked through some of the build threads and it makes me want to rebuild one from the ground up, but I think doing that would be pretty expensive even if I did all the work myself. Is there a good place to get inexpensive replacement parts?

    Oh and is it okay to run these jet ski's in salt water? Where can I get a flush kit to wash the salt out after riding?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    My first standup was a Kawasaki 750SX and that was a great ski for me to learn to ride on. Next I got a Kawi 650SX and it was a great ski also. I kept hearing about Superjets and how I HAD to get one from others and so when I came across a mint Square Nose 650 Superjet I got it. Personally, I much prefer the stability of the 750SX over the Superjet. Pics of my ski's are in my album (click on my username).

    From what I've heard, the Kawi 750SX/SXR's are more stable and theYami SJ's are better for freestyle due to their more responsive handling. My favorite of the three I've had is still the 750SX. If I had the money, I'd have a newer SXR or the ultimate for me would be an SXR 1100 conversion.

    During the off-season I see a lot of standups in the $500-$600 range. Those turn to $1000 in the spring. Look for whatever type you want and try to find one that is clean inside and out. Make sure it runs and if possible do a compression test. My first ski had a fairly rough bottom that I didn't see in the dark (note to self). I flipped it over on the trailer and learned about a little body work from a buddy that oversaw what I needed to do. Parts don't seem to be too tough to get--there have been a ton of these sold over the years that get parted-out.

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    Wow I can't believe how cheap some stand up's can be. I guess I should make sure to get one over the winter before it starts to get warm. So Kawasaki are more stable, are they wider or just more balanced? I guess I should keep my options open and look around. When I am looking at them to test is running them attached to a hose a good test or should I get them in the water?

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    An in water test will tell you much more then running on the hose, however if you've never ridden one, that could be a challenge.

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    It really depends on you...

    How big are you?? How tall???

    I cant ride a SJ, cant even get up on one...I am 6'9" and 285, it looks like a monkey trying to hump a football...LOL

    I can get on a Kawi SXR on the first try and ride away...The Kawi is wider by a few inches and has more power than the SJ.
    Everyone uses the SJ for freestyle moves...

    SXR's are hard to find since they are no longer made and this is supposedly the last year for the SJ.

    The SXR comes with a built in flush kit, the SJ you have to adapt one

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    What about the Kawi 550sx? How are those? I am going to start with looking for a SJ and a Kawi 650sx.

    I did ride a Kawi 440 about 15 years ago, one of my friends had one when we were growing up. Never got to ride it much but I had a lot more fun on that over a sit down.

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    SJ is you best bet, they are great all around skis. Tons of upgrade parts available too. If budget wont allow, the 750 sxi pro can be had pretty cheap. the sx,sxi skis bounce around too much IMO, then go the 550 route. The 550's are underpowered compared to the rest. DO NOT get a 650sx, they are turds.

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    thanks for all the good info.

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