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    carbs are off, novice here!

    Ive never done it before and from looking at this website i finally, on my own pulled off the carbs on my 99 gsx ltds.
    the pto carb came loose quickly. the front not so much. i left the exhaust on to make it harder on myself. and i did just that!
    now im not a big guy, 19 inch biceps and 14 inch forearms didnt help me at all, every bit of strength i could muster just couldnt over come the angles that easily. but in the end, after several scrapes and cuts and making a couple specialy constructed tools, i got them off. now, knowing this IS possible the next time will be very easy.

    smile, pride and tired.

    now how to put them on.....whoa!

    i figure if i can line up the top 2 bolts and then the pto (3rd) after i semi tighten those the fourth will align itself.

    i pulled the throttle and chokes off by the brackets so it would seem i just put on the brackets assys and everything should still be lined up........right?

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    You can adjust them both after installing the carbs. Make sure there is a little slack in the throttle. Not a ton, but when you press the throttle it should have a tiny bit of play before it begins to open the carbs. I wouldn't touch the linkage between the carbs. Also make sure you have new gaskets, apply loctite (blue) to the screws, and torque screws to spec.

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