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    ZXI 1100 question

    I bought a 1996 ZXI 1100 yesterday. I got it to my marina and put it in the water. It starts right up but when I open it up it smokes quite a bit and stalls out if I go above half throttle and even then it will only run about 10-20 seconds then I have to ease back on the throttle so it doesn't stall. When it stalls out it will start right back up but it just keeps doing the same thing. I'm thinking there was some oil dumped in the tank for the winter maybe. Also the tach is reading 7-8000 rpm and its only hitting 30-40mph. not quite sure but it might have aftermarket carbs. they are black with Ocean Pro spark arrestors.

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    When buying a JetSki, a test ride in the water is mandatory, or else the price must be discounted accordingly. Many people don't ride their 'Skis for a long time prior to sale, and they don't prepare the fuel system for storage. Condensation forms in a fuel tank that is low, plus gum forms in carburetors, etc. The engine will start, but won't feed the engine enough fuel to run properly under load.

    I would guess that this is the problem in your case. I really don't know how it's getting up to 7-8000 RPM, unless the pump isn't set up right. Could be too much clearance between the impeller and housing, bent blades, damaged sealing around the pump disrupting the flow, etc.

    First, if it has a choke, try pulling it out halfway and see if it helps. Next, try changing the fuel filter and see if what happens. Look at the spark plugs, too. If they're real light tan/white, it's too lean and you can damage the engine by continuing to run the engine like that. I suspect you'll probably end up going through the carbs and flushing out the fuel system.

    The original carbs are black, made by Keihin.

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    check clean or rebuild carbs. Put fresh gas in it. Replace fuel lines and oil lines. The high reving does sound like a worn impeller/ring or bad splines on the shafts. You should always check the ski out before jumping on the water or you can end up rebuilding your engine.

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