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Thread: Happy now

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    Happy now

    i've always thought my 98 xp was a bit gutless so followed Bens mods and did the jets and filters. also put 98 motor in a 99 ignitioned hull and the ski is heaps better. Real happy with the improvement.

    Just got a few questions

    I'm running 85 lows and 167 mains with 2.3 needle and seats with stock springs and accelerator pump.

    From standing there is a lag after i give it full throttle. No splutter - just a lag. Is this to be expected ?

    When it does accelerate from standstill it tends to jack up out of the water until it sucks air into the pump and it cavitates. Then it drops porpoises a few times and takes off. i've adjusted the trim and even hung over the front but same thing happens. Any way to stop this happening ?

    I've resealed the pump thinking it was leaking air but it seems just to be due to standing on its tail - good problem to have : )

    Seems to be burning more gas - anyones know how much worse the fuel consumption is with bigger jets ?

    Is 3/4 throttle lean a real problem ? I keep hearing about it but haven't come across any personal accounts.

    Thanks for any advice

    Cheers, Phil

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    Anyone ?

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