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    787 Won't Rev Under Load

    Hi Guys,

    I know I'm posting in the Ski forums, not the boat.
    But I find, typically get a bit people looking at them in the Ski forum.
    1996 Seadoo Challenger problem

    Boat was running perfectly for about 2 hours.
    Then we stopped for lunch, left and took off like normal.
    All of a sudden, 5 mins back into the trip revs died to about 5,200rpm.
    Coughing and spluttering at 5,200rpm.
    Pull it back to 4,900rpm and it held the rev's well, obviously at these rev's it was a slow limp back to the ramp.
    As soon as you push the throttle up, it stops at 5,200rpm and revs jump around by about 200rpm either way like it might stall.

    I tried pulling the choke a little to up the fuel ratio to see if it was being starved of fuel.
    Stalled immediately, so I get the impression it is getting fuel.

    Cooling system seemed fine, water coming out of the cooling line.
    No beeps indicating overheating.

    After getting it out of the water, I've checked the wear ring which is fine.
    No obstructions in the pump.

    Runs perfectly out of water on a hose without load.

    Only unusal thing I've seen, I removed the spark plugs; they seems to have more liquid (maybe oil) on them than normal. Quite wet.


    All help much appreciated.

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    It a 96, carbs might need rebuilt or tepo fuel line are plugging the filter in the carbs. Not sure if they had tepo lines on your boat. It might be elected too.

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    Sounds like rectifier issues.

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    Doubtful that it is a carb issue, had them off recently and very very clean.
    All the fuel lines were replaced years ago.
    Premium 95 octane fuel always used and very clean.

    From what I've seen, looks like the rectifier.

    Thanks for your comments guys.

    I'll conduct a few checks, hopefully rectifier is the issue.

    I would prefer to avoid taking it to my local workshop.
    Not many to choose from that will work on the boats, so they are very expensive.

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    This might help I had my spark plugs wires pull off a little ones and it stumble the motor A Little after get warms up. Just something to check. Sorry I didn't help.

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