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    John Zigler of Rock County Jet Ski acquires

    Recieved this email:

    Watcon was acquired by a good friend and industry leader John Zigler.
    You might be familiar with him already as "Zig" on the newsgroups, and his company "Rock County Jet Ski" He will keep Watcon exactly the same, and will be offering the same products and great service. The website will stay the same.

    I have signed a "non-compete" disclosure with him, and all watercraft based products and technical support will be handled by John. You can reach John with the e-mail address listed on the Watcon website. [email protected].

    I will continue with Weber engine parts, tools and performance based components at I will still offer parts & components that apply to the Hydrospace watercraft and any other Weber based craft, buggy, sled, etc. Contact me directly at [email protected] *

    Randy Jungwirth

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    deal went down a few months ago....

    i think randy is updating everyone on his email list.

    please let me know if i can help out with anything.


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    I guess that why Randy hasnt returned my calls...

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