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    Waterbox Mod for 2006 RXP

    Is this still the way to go for the waterbox mod?

    I know it is an old post but did anyone ever discover any problems?

    Did it really help performance or just make it louder?

    I need to leave the location of the exhaust at the stock location,

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSRXP View Post
    NO real performance differences. It makes it less muffled and give you a deeper sound in MY experiences. You have already do the most 'helpful' thing by eliminating the resonator box etc. Leave the box alone IMO!

    50% reduction in back pressure...
    Use a 5" hole saw to cut the main baffle wall on a waterbox with Jpipe...Remove wall on 08+...Outlet tube should be flush...

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    I have a dual exhaust setup I will be selling shortly. Pm if interested.

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