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    Low Port or high port?

    OK, I don't want to start a war over RPMs vs. Horsepower, but I have a legitemate question.

    After doing a small amount of research, I found that the 009 cylinders are mostly good for RPMs, due to the raised port. This is all good, but add triple pipes and they suck for bottom end. This has been proven by at least one member doing just that.
    Aside from that, I just realized the Nu-Jet prop difference between the 97 and the 99. I found this particularly interesting because the 97 uses a 6.5, and the 99 uses a 7.0.

    I have an oppritunity to get a stock '99 (019 cylinders) top end for my beater, which has lower ports, and more torque. This would in turn allow me to run triples, and still retain bottom end torque. (And also make available a complete 009 top end, if anyone is interested). And will also allow me to utilize a 1200 crank later, if I wish.

    Should I switch, or no?

    If you're wondering why I'm asking, I'm considering running triples on both skis. I should have a good tax return this year, So it'll be a good time to do it.
    Any Old-Schoolers wanna chime in?
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    I say go for it if you've got the money. What would you need the 1200 crank for later though?

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    If I plan on keeping these Skis, there is a definate advantage to having more cc's.

    Armed with a lot of information, that the Polaris group offered, stroking a 1050 is not far from being do-able.
    Even if I don't get the pipes, Torque seems a better avenue.

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    It's all about that famous saying "No replacement for displacement".

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    I'll have to agree with Ph2ocraft on that.
    Here are the quotes from my AOL messenger...LOL

    There is absolutely no replacement for displacement!!!

    Loud? Why No Officer, loud is a perception...That sounds sweet!

    Nitrous is like a hot girl with a STD, you wanna hit it but you're afraid of the consequences!

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