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    Camping+ my waverunner advice!!!

    Hey guys just checking in and i have. Een doing a lot of research for the past week and maybe someone here can help me. I'm kind of getting used to the same sights over and over so i want to try to find a camping site/island around south florida where i can just beach or dock my ski and camp there all night. I have checked all over the keys and it seems my only options are to head way south basically starting from islamorada. I really would like to put the ski in the water at the parrot jungle marina then head south and beach the ski or dock it and camp then return home the following day. Has anyone here tried or has done this sort of adventure? If so can some light be shed on this matter? I'm asking because trailering the ski all the way to the key kind of defeats the long trip enjoyment on the actual ski... Feel free to give me ideas and or spots i can go to. Thanks in advance...

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    Just go to Google and type in "Key Largo Campgrounds."
    Make sure you take plenty of DEET.
    I prefer to camp in hotels and nice resorts these days.

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