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    Starting msx 150 project what to look for

    Hi all new to greenhulk but have been doing somereading on here alot of good advice . Just picked up and 04 with 70 hours on it for 300.00 with trailer . I know it has a bad turbo and stuck waste gate. Already got a k03s turbo for it any other things to look for thanksfor any help i'm sure i'll need some

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    ive just spent the last year rebuilding mine.

    here is a quick list of things to check

    -compression with injectiors unplugged should be 140psi. any variation will be bad news (learnt the hard way)
    -check that your intercooler is pressure tight - mine wasnt and leaked badly. my turbo died, probibly cos if this
    -check the oil tank seals are ok (pressure test)
    disconnect the breather hose to air box - a must.
    - run really good oil (4T) i run 20-50 Motul 300v

    their will be loads more to check. ill keep thinking.

    check out

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