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Thread: Twin pipe RX Di

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    Twin pipe RX Di

    Just wondering if anyone has seen, or is it even possible to get big horsepower out of an RX Di?
    Was thinking of finding some twin pipes and bolting them on, but i dont know if the Di side of things will be able to support it.
    Would an aftermarket computer be a must?
    What other support mods would be needed if it were possible?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What year are you working on? If you were not aware, the 00-01 had the same hp rating as the 02-03, but if you ride an 01 and 02, you will notice there is NO WAY they are the same hp. The 02+ has a noticable advantage AND runs on 87 octane...

    No on the twin pipe setup for the di.

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    Its an 03 model.

    So what engine work can be done to get some bigger power out of this ski if twin pipes are out of the question?
    Is there a reason why twin pipes are a no go?

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    The fueling, timing map and rev limit setting does not support the pipes.

    PPG is the only place I know of that has a "kit" that might add some descent power-- I can not report results as I have never modded a di.

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    You would have to get a EGT gauge, And then a power commander wired up. TO add fuel to combat egt’s

    Alot of work for not much gain imo

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    Have had a PPG upgrade done to an 02 GTXDI and it really woke it up. Definitely worth it in my opinion. Was quicker out of the hole had a faster top end and better mid range and was still good on fuel. I did the ecu mod , heads and the prop all at the same time.

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