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    FZR - RH & LH Gunwale

    Hi Boys/Girls,

    I want to replace my RH & LH Gunwales that are at the front of my FZR, just got a question about the Alen Key bolts, if I unbolt the Alen Key holding the Gunwale on will any bolts or screws fall out on the inside of the hull?

    I dont want to start unscrewing the Alen Key only to have bolts and nuts fall out on the inside of the hull, that would be a mission!

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Ask Shobiz, he did something similar when he had his ski apart for paint. I may be wrong but I THINK the nut is secured on the inside. Double check though because Im not certain,

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    If you are talking about the $13 plastic end caps on the port and starboard side, you can unbolt them and not worry about the nut falling in. It is set in the hull. I have replaced mine.

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    They will not fall into the hull, as the brackets they attach to are riveted in place.

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    I tried to unscrew the Alen Key bolts last night that hold the RH & LH Gunwale, man they were so tight! I ended up giving up, I dont want to strip the Alen Key bolt head and give myself more problems

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    I had the same problem... if you can, pry the corner up and spray some WD40 behind the panel and it might help loosen them up. You can also try applying heat to the bolt itself if you have some type of torch lighter.

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