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    Carb and flame arrestors help on XR1800

    Does anyone have Riva Flame Arrestors on their XR1800 with jet settings at 120 main, 110 pilot so on so forth. Do you notice a good amount of performance from them. My main concern is that i have 2 stock engines with only true and welded cranks and D-plate and chip. Will i feel more power from these arrestors or will they just be a waste of money since i do not have other modifications from them. Also how much more fuel will i waste rejetting to these higher specifications from stock settings. I have the 2 sets of brand new riva flame arrestors that were given to me but dont know if it will be worth it or if i should just sell them when i can use the money. Please let me know pros and cons. I have been through a headache with this jetboat since i bought it as a project boat. (both motors completely siezed) i bought it off of PWRTOYZ. I will post pics of the breakdown soon, and also pictures of rebuilding. Also tips and maybe some checkpoints you think i should revise before launching this boat in the water would be greatly appreciated.

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    FWIW, Group K recommends keeping the stock arrestor on the XR1800 jetboat. And their reasons why seem to back-up that recommendation:

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    The thing to do is get information from people who have actually done this mod on their boat. Try asking member christian79, he is running this on his with great success. Island Racing has been doing this for years as well. If it is performance gain you are after, the motor has to breath.

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