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    Need help pricing GPR1200r parts

    I was wondering if you guys could help me pricing out a 1200r gpr that I have. I really dont know the going market pricing on parts on these boats and any help would be really appreciated.

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    Just scroll back through old classifieds.

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    Ok, just thought someone might be willing to do a favor and help me out with the pricing on the stuff worth selling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BombThreat View Post
    Ok, just thought someone might be willing to do a favor and help me out with the pricing on the stuff worth selling.
    This is not really easy unless you post pics of everything, then it will still be someone elses opinion, and maybe over or underpricing would occur bc we don`t have the actual part in front of us... some people would even low ball or expect some parts for free... The quality of the classifieds have sunken to a new low around here... I`ve thrown parts away rather than post them.

    just do your research, make a list and post an asking price and go from there... The economy sucks, and this will undoubtedly affect sales...
    good luck Bthreat...

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    I would like some Carbs

    have you establoshed your pricing
    I have intrest in carbs for 01

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    I havent yet. Parts arent selling good right now, so Im planning on waiting till we get closer to spring.

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