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    2002 RX-DI

    2002 Sea-Doo RX-DI

    3000 OBO

    This 2002 RX-DI is the one you want! The motor has just been gone through and redone using all OEM components. The stock pistons were taken out due to wear and blow by, we replaced the sleeves and ordered new stock bore BRP (Sea-doo) Pistons 87.88 and all machine work was done. The air compressor was rebuilt using OEM Sea-doo components. Crank was cleaned and inspected with no wear. Sea-doo gaskets were used when assembling motor. Compression is 135 per cylinder. Also gone through was the oil system, Tank was removed cleaned and reinstalled with all new lines/filters. Oil pump was cleaned and inspected. Gas tank was removed and cleaned, fuel pump was removed new filters installed and cleaned and inspected. Very important on the DI sea-doo’s is the fuel filter a OEM sea-doo filter was installed. All water lines and vacuum lines were replaced if needed and cleaned. For the propulsion side of the ski. A new sea-doo wear ring was installed along with a SOLAS 15/20 impeller with new pump bearings and sea-doo lube.New gel battery was installed. New hydroTurf matt installed.

    The outside of the ski has the OEM decals removed and the ski has been wet sanded/buffed to bring back some of the OEM gloss to it.  You can still see where they used to be if you look hard. Seat is in great condition. All OEM safety stickers are on and in great condition. The VTS system is in perfect working order. All gauges work. There is NO maintance light on the ski. It has a top RPM with stock impeller of 6950-7050 and with the Solas 7850. The ski runs about 59-62 on GPS depending on water conditions and gas level.

    If your looking for that light weight, FUN 2 stroke. But did not want the hastle of chokes and hard starting this is your ski. It fires up with one touch of the start button. It has better gas mileage then the new 4 strokes.&nbsp;</p>

    This is one of the best 2 stroke sea-doo’s ever produced.

    This ski is ready to go for 200+ Hours of fun. Don't waste your money buying a ticking time bomb. I have receipt's for all components and work.

    Email me for more info, or if you would like to lake test with cash in hand. Don't wait till tax time when the price goes up!

    Comes with single place nice trailer.

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    I just found your add on CL, I did not realize it was a GH member. Do you still have the RX? I sent you an email via CL.

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    PM at you Mtuned...

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