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    2003 1100 STX di pump shoe

    Can someone please let me know what ski this fits? with the part number listed it should fit my ski. But I don't know what the two holes on the ramp is for, i dont have this on my 2003 1100 stx di.

    See pic below

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    That P/N pump shoe fits several 2-stroke (carbved and FICHT DI) and 4-stroke skis, including current 15F. However, that particular shoe shown above pic may not work because of the two holes on the shoe. The original facotry shoe doesn't have those 2 holes.

    Where did you get that shoe from?
    What happened to your old shoe?

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    I didn't buy it. I saw it on ebay. I was wondering about the holes, so thats why I posted that image of it. I requested more photos of the shoe from the seller.


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