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Thread: Winter Storage

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    Winter Storage

    I recently acquired a pair of 99 SLH 700's and I've done everything I plan to for now. Now I need to store them for the rest of the winter. They will be stored in an unheated garage. Should I remove the batteries and store them in a heated space, or should I keep the batteries in the skis? What will happen to the multifunction displays? Do they have memory that will be lost if I disconnect them from power for several months?

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    There will be no problem disconnecting the batteries. You will just have to reset the clock when you reconnect them. Be careful when reconnecting the battery cables that you don't "bounce" the connection. That can cause the hour meter to reset on the display.

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    might want to invest in a battery charger/maintainer. This will keep you from having to buy so many batteries of the years.

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    And whatever you do, DO NOT install the battery cables backwards...... You'll fry the stator and CDI.

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