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Thread: bolt ons

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    bolt ons

    Worx, R&D or Riva Intake Grate?
    Has any side by side comparison testing been done to determine the benefits?

    R&D 2.5 or Riva 2.o degree shim? Personal preference?

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    In going from the Worx to the R&D I did not see the 2-3mph gain some have claimed but think I may have been at the limiter on the ski before the switch. The BIG difference was mild stuffing at 78mph with the Worx. A couple of very knowledgeable folks on here told me to change it before I ended up in the hospital. Apparently 75mph is pushing it with this grate (I have two pressure relief valves by the way). I prefer the way the Worx handles but untill I get over this "need for speed" it will stay on the shelf. I can't comment on the Riva as I have never used one.

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