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    best way to winterize yam. fx high output, which hose to pour antifreeze in?

    I have a 2005 Yam. FX High output ski and wanted to kno the best way to winterize it and which hose should i use to pour the antifreeze in to get all round the cylinders? Any help would be great! Thanx Motormadness!

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    I don't put any antifreeze in mine (its not mentioned in the owners or service manual). The ski does a pretty good job of being self draining all by itself. To be sure you won't have a problem, blow the excess water out by blipping the throttle while you run it off the hose for 15 seconds. Wait a couple of hours for the engine to cool and do it again until it stops spewing water (usually 2 or 3 times). It helps if the stern is down. This will clear 90% of the water. What little water is left in the waterbox, etc., will have plenty of room for expansion.

    I've never heard or read of anyone reporting a freezing problem on this model ski without antifreeze. Antifreeze is for the SeaDoo guys. Plus, the only way to effectively apply antifreeze to this ski is with some type of pressurized system, otherwise 90% ends up on the ground.

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    Thanx for the input man! Im used to the seadoos,as u have figured out.I"ll do as u said in ur post.Again Thanx

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